Lines & Graphics

Pave-Mark Ltd specialist & offer a wide range of products & services to compliment any car park lines, from new layout to remarking existing lines, including stencilling & traffic flow, wheel stops, signage.
Factory & warehouse safety lines including walk ways, safety zones & clear ways, we can custom line any factory or warehouse at any time to suit.
Repaint sports courts or new layouts available.


What does Pave-Mark do?

We specialise in car park lines and all ground graphics - inside or outside, new set up or revised markings - right across Canterbury.

We offer competitive FREE quotes and provide top quality no mess workmanship.

We use a top quality, chlorinated rubber road marking paint for excellent durability.

Contact us today on 0800 54 63 48.

  • Car Park Lines

  • Factory Lines

  • Mobility Graphics

  • No Parking and Towaway

  • Wheel Stop

  • Ground Marking & Signage

  • Sports Court Lines

  • Commercial & Industrial Floor Markings


No job too big or too small!


Why choose Pave-Mark?

Speed & Efficiency
Your specialist coating solutions must suit your unique environment.  We can deliver a customised, superior service within your time frame.

Once your project is completed we can provide an ongoing cleaning and maintenance programme to keep your investment operating at an optimal level.

Customer Focused
Pave-Mark offer a solution to meet your unique environment.
We take a consultative approach allowing us to provide a solution to meet your specific requirements.

Your choice to team with Pave Mark as your specialist coatings is an investment in our experienced team of professional tradesmen

Email:   |   Phone:  0800 54 63 48

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